Kombi Tours

A commercial site for a very cool company (I recommend them, if you ever happen to want a tour of Uganda.).
Uses reasonably bright but natural looking colors that are in keeping with the photographs on the site. Has plenty of room for images of the territory and vehicles involved (a major selling point).

Post Dramatic

A would be trendy review site/blog for non-representative theatricals. Uses bright yet balanced colors to mesh with the photos without looking drab. A clean and easily navigable layout with tags, categories, author information all in one separate column. Quick sharing icons for social networks. A pure slightly silly CSS animation at the top, and some bits of jquery and background WordPress tweaking.

Ivor Houlker Photography

This site was commissioned by a photographer starting a business.
The client required a very visual and professional-looking layout to present his images in the best possible way for potential clients to see them online.
The site has a clean, modern look. It works well on a variety of mobile devices and has touch screen gestures implemented, this is important given its expected audience. The site is built on WordPress, allowing the photographer to add or update content regularly. The blog design is centered around the presentation of a variety of different sized images, and uses a similar layout to the popular image sharing site Pinterest.

Full Script

A Proof of concept site for the output of some subtitling software that’s currently in development (the links don’t go anywhere). It parses a smil file and allows you to search and browse through the video via a text output which you can click on to jump to the corresponding section of the video. It uses bespoke JS and jQuery to do this.

About Me

I love to make beautiful websites which are clear and easy to use and really show my clients’ products at their best. I believe that the most important aspect of the sites I develop is the experience of the users, and my designs are driven by their evolving needs and expectations.

I have strong CSS3 and JavaScript skills including use of jQuery and other libraries. I can deliver responsive sites with designs appropriate for small media devices and implement touch gestures. I have used JavaScript to control both the HTML5 player and JWPlayer to synchronise audio and video with text.

Contact Me

07841 527 873