Monthly Archives: August 2013

Landing Page

Remaking the landing page, should look OK on latest version of webkit, firefox and ie but i haven’t done anything for mobile yet.

CSS Animations 2

This is an example of the difficulty of using the ‘animation’ property for a dropdown menu. This uses ‘animation’: Boats Catamaran Dhow Carrack Sloop-of-war So animation takes a lot more CSS and will play once when the page is ready and will always play the animation from is end position when we release the hover…. Read more »

CSS Amimations

I used the animation property in CSS for the first time yesterday. Here’s an overview of some of the basics. NB: I’m only doing these examples for ‘-webkit-’ as it saves a lot of space, meaning they’re only going to display if you are using chrome or safari. Here’s the css to get a rolling… Read more »